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The League’s research shows that 21% of the app’s ghosts in the machine are over 40.When you think about it, people have been prone to this romantic disappearing act for generations.“By date three you’ve probably shared a combined 6-10 hours with this person, so definitely let them know it’s a no-go! As for me, I have Bill Murray levels of intolerance towards ghosts.I think of all the relationship ghosts that still bother me, long after I stopped caring about them, long after I found happiness in my current relationship. A quick break-up text would have exorcised it all, but their ghosting means that they are free to haunt me still. Returning to London – with the spirit of New York dating in her blood – she went into publishing at Macmillan Education, and created Social Concierge as a date recommendations website in 2011.The site soon attracted a massive following through its editorial content and Nana decided to launch her side hustle as a subscription club, hosting private dating parties focusing on bringing together singles from the top universities and companies in the UK and US over drinks.We had the chance to catch up with Nana over drinks at House of St Barnabas in Soho Tell us a bit about Social Concierge?


She was recently made the dating editor at Balance magazine and is writing about the NYC dating scene for Elle Magazine UK.

The irony is, of course, that avoiding the aforementioned ‘scary’ conversation makes you something scarier still: a ghost.

While the true terror is not the grizzly demise of the person you’re dating, but being appraised of the fact that they just don’t like you that much, it’s the jolting radio silence of ghosting that causes long-term haunting.

Dating app The League has, this Halloween, compiled some seasonal research on the phenomenon, including some revelatory stats.

Most hauntings, for example, occur after date one; men are 22% more likely to ghost than women; and the profession with the highest level of spectral behaviour is investment banking, with 33% of ghosts floating in from that sector.

My own dating days were perennially filled with the dread of being ghosted, each unanswered text acting like an unexplained creaking floorboard.



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