Wmp not updating album info

Clicking "Finish" adds all the album information to the CD....except my CD information stayed blank.I tried doing this using my guest account and it worked right: I inserted the CD and it immediately had the right song names, album name, artist, album art, etc. I did find a solution when I was trying to find where WMP was attempting to store the CD information.Attach the information to the item by clicking the "Organize" button and selecting "Apply Media Information Changes" from the menu.Windows Media Player will update the media file with the new album information.After disabling those options, erasing WMP's memory, and restoring my old music files again..is well. This tutorial will show you how, using a program available to anybody with a PC for free — Windows Media Player.


He has been writing since 2007 and specializes in computer hardware, operating systems and software documentation.Use the "Find Album Information" box to match the item in your library to items listed on the database.Select the proper information for the file and click "OK" to update the item entry in your library.The final screen shows you all the details of the album it found. If you do, WMP will start searching your music library for music files that are about the right size to match the music file sizes for the songs on the album (Special Forces).

Just click "Finish" and your information will be up to date...right? I actually only had one song from that album (which it found correctly), but after I was done I had 6 other songs.

But I definitely had my information overwritten even though #1 was off!



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