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It’s been a minute since we caught up with Somaya Reece, who has been spending all her time working on her fitness and a new clothing line, Somayas From her friendships with Hazel E and Yung Berg to her own experiences being caught in Mally Mall’s web of women (she says he DM’d her at the same time that he was seeing both Masika and Nikki during the show’s taping), she has a lot to say about the new season, and addresses the old drama she left behind after she left New York. I probably woulda snuffed Berg if that were me at that [ASCAP] party, but as a woman, you never know where your heart is gonna go, we all make those mistakes. Don’t act like you haven’t made that dumb mistake where you fall in love with someone and we want something to work so bad that we do something stupid. That’s how he rolls and I gotta respect the fact that he laid it out on the line, “I like to have a lot of women! native is identified with the New York version of Love & Hip Hop, she also seems pretty immersed in the world of .Are you the one second chances is the spinoff of MTV'S original show Are you the one.Where contestants must figure who in the house is their perfect match. See full summary » Some of Hollywood's most embattled families take their feuds to VH1 on a reality series.Sean Penn- Jessica and Sean started dating in 2009 and were pictured holding hands in September of that year. Nick Cannon- Jessica and Nick were rumored to be dating back in March 2015 shortly after he split with Mariah Carey.But two months later he posted on social media about being single.7.See full summary » The Sorrentinos will take viewers into the world of life after reality.What happens after overnight superstardom based on bad behavior?

Jessica White: Taylor Kitsch- The extremely hot duo appeared in a modeling spread together and reportedly dated from 2006-2007.On the Season 2 finale: David's ex returns from Australia to give him a piece of her mind.Ronnie and Malika wrestle with the realities of life outside the loft. Ronnie has a potentially engaging surprise for Malika. Entertainment exposes the fascinating romantic lives of Hollywood's most notorious daters in "Famously Single." Eight celebrities going through relationship rehab live under one roof in downtown Los Angeles and explore their romantic issues together.For Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, the stakes are ...

You become stressed over a lot of different things when you're riding a wave, so It was important for me to have fun and enjoy the next step.Love & Hip Hop I know the entire cast except for Omarion and his family and Lil Fizz, those two I don’t know, but I’ve known Berg forever, Sincere is my boy and he hires me for parties and he’s friends with my boyfriend, I know Soulja Boy really well, Hazel and I have been friends since waaaay before. So watching everything unfold, it’s like, I know all of them and all of their personalities are very accurate. ” I’m not excusing it, but it’s common that it happens. I dare a side bitch to try to come to my house and confront me! I know Soulja Boy, Soulja’s really hilarious like that, he’s really funny, his little “Turn Up!! I just feel like the reason this season is hitting a home run is because they’re really laying their feelings out there — you guys are seeing some real shit go down.



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