Who is gunnar peterson dating


She wasn’t even running, it was like, [Gunnar elaborates with a fast and hard hand slap with a repetitive thud].

The woman next to me, I thought she was trying to break the treadmill.

The 8-week Gunnar Challenge is Gunnar’s first online diet and fitness program, developed with SP Health.

It will include motivating daily messages from Gunnar along with exclusive, daily video workouts and delicious meal plans based on what Gunnar successfully uses with clients to promote weight-loss and optimal health.

Peterson’s roster of clients is almost as diverse as his training methods.

It includes chiseled film stars Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Hugh Jackman, as well as top athletes from NBA, NHL, NFL, and NCAA teams.

Now, you have your very own chance to ask Gunnar Peterson your training questions.


In an industry riddled with people promising fast fixes, Peterson’s success comes from his emphasis on the basics. Gunnar: I hear usually one side (striking) much harder. I was just out-of-town yesterday and I went to a gym for a workout.



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