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“I think in Alex’s case he was very good at telling people he was doing okay so he was difficult to assess.“We needed to see him face to face and then we could have acted more robustly.“It seems to me the flag system does need to be individual and for a GP to decide.You can’t leave that responsibility for a receptionist,” concluded Mr Bricknell.



From their perspective the evidence of climate scientists (which they question, perhaps unreasonably) and the arguments resulting from it have been more than enough.He quotes Terry Pratchett: “People think that stories are shaped by people. We act in accordance with the stories we tell ourselves.So “if the myths we reach for in conditions of stress and crisis are ones about overshoot and collapse, and we all start to act accordingly...He believes we are in the old Last Chance Saloon, even though he is honest enough to acknowledge that in a great many respects things are getting better.


There have been worldwide improvements in life expectancy, literacy, and agriculture; we have the ability to feed everybody. It’s also for Evans a question of how we think of ourselves and the world.A DOCTORS surgery has changed its repeat medication system following the death of a popular Hereford man.



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