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Rosethorn is a witch who desperately wants to forget who she was when she left England.

Where better to make a fresh start than in a group of elite assassins like the Varia?

During Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts, there's a new teacher, in charge of a new subject—elemental magic. Except not even she was aware of the fact that her past is about to make a big splash in the corporate world! Aurora Sinistra spends most of her time watching the stars.


Also compare They Do—the point past which the Romance Arc is concluded and the relationship becomes a constant that feeds plot threads.

My Stories Wizarding Detective (ongoing) - Harry Potter / Detective Conan x-over Dark Phoenix of Konoha (ongoing) - Naruto Muggleborn Teacher (ongoing) - Harry Potter Embracing Destiny (ongoing, sequel to Forging Destiny) - Harry Potter Gundam Wing - The Lost Potter (ongoing) - Harry Potter / Gundam Wing x-over Voltron Drabbles (ongoing) - Voltron Dangerous Enemies (complete) - Voltron We're Screwed (complete, sequel to Screw Them) - Harry Potter Heritage (ongoing) - Harry Potter / Naruto x-over Champion of the Chamber (hiatus) - Harry Potter Naruto, Captured in her eyes (complete) - Naruto Harry Potter & Death's Ultimatum (complete) - Harry Potter Agent Potter (complete) - Harry Potter / James Bond x-over Forging Destiny (complete with sequel ongoing) - Harry Potter Irish Home (complete) - Harry Potter Iruka's Contribution (complete) - Naruto Screm Them (complete) - Harry Potter Hunt (complete) - Harry Potter How Harry Turned Hogwarts Around (complete) - Harry Potter Not the Smartest Witch (complete) - Harry Potter Oops (complete) - Harry Potter Harry's Happy Cursing (complete) - Harry Potter Noticed (complete) - Harry Potter Angel in the Moonlight (complete) - Naruto Champion (complete) - Harry Potter Liliko (complete) - Harry Potter / Naruto x-over The Witches' Conspiracy (complete) - Harry Potter Overheard Conversation (complete) - Harry Potter Consequences of an Ingenious Mind (complete) - Harry Potter All was not Well (complete) - Harry Potter Beltane Child (complete) - Harry Potter Matchmaker (complete) - Voltron Redirection (complete) - Harry Potter Older Brother (complete) - Harry Potter Hagrid's Fame (complete) - Harry Potter Changed Past (complete) Harry Potter Chunin Exams Sabotage (complete) - Naruto Gabriel (complete) - Harry Potter Bolt Fashion (complete) - Harry Potter Bloodline Breeder (complete) - Harry Potter Results of a Poker Night (Hiatus) - Naruto Princess Serenity is reincarnated as the elder half-sister of Dawn Berlitz. BEING REWRITTENWhat do you do when you see a little kid being chased by an angry mob? However there are some things even he wasn't expecting...being a spirit detective in the mafia is one of them.

How does having the Silver Millennium in the same dimension as Pokemon shake things up. Outrun the mob, grab the kid and make the mob eat dust while laughing hysterically of course! Regina had cast her curse, but she didn't get to enjoy her victory like she hoped.

Can he change their fates When an old man with the Open Open fruit offers Luffy the chance to redo his adventure, he takes it. Fortunately for him Mizuki's trechery leads to discovery.

Watch as Luffy goes back in time to change history with more crewmates. Now with true knowledge of self he sets out to take the world by storm.Silent, sometimes sullen but always alone, the young man helps to keep the peace on Planet Arus. In the Castle of Lions, someone you'd least expect starts to wonder about his heritage and why he chooses to keep it hidden. Cover art belongs to amandas-sketches on deviant art. Recruiting Severus Snape to help her, the two teachers undertake a gambit of their own that leads the Boy-Who-Lived and the Brightest Witch of Her Age into Slytherin House and friendships with Draco Malfoy.



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