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You can reset your revision number on the switch you are adding to the network by changing the VTP domain to something else and then changing it back.As an aside, be extremely careful with VTP and new switches.VTP allows a switch to be configured to belong to more than one VTP domain.By Edward Tetz The VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) revision number is important because it determines which updates are to be used when not managed properly this number can cause the deletion of all your networks VLAN information.The MD5 digest is calculated using the revision number, domain name, and password to make sure the information in the VTP update can be trusted.I've seen issues where switches configured with the same domain and password, but the MD5 digest is not aligned until I update the VLAN database on the VTP server.Change S1 to transparent VTP mode to reclaim all VLANs in and change back to server mode.

If VTP is not updating the VLANs correctly, check to make sure the MD5 digest on all VTP domain switches is the same.The lab and production networks use the same VTP domain name, so the network administrator made no configuration changes to S2 before adding it to the production network. After S2 was added to the production network, many computers lost network connectivity. Reset the revision number on S2 with either the delete VTP command or by changing the domain name and then changing it back.



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