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For customers outside of Europe, Bellingham Stanley will be pleased to advise details of a local distributor that provides similar services to those listed above. Although verification, validation, commissioning or calibration of an instrument is not covered by UKAS, all instruments are fully tested using traceable standards. Xylem Legal Disclaimer | Xylem Privacy Policy | Transparency in Supply Chains. Please contact 888.485.4733 for questions about claims not found on this page.Introduction | Workpackages & Reports | ASCII data files | Partners The revised standards EN 10002 Pt 1 & Pt 5, covering room temperature and elevated tensile testing of metals respectively, now recognise the dominance of computer controlled testing machines, but the systematic technological evidence on which such standards should be based has not been readily available.

View Procedure PVC Free Validates that plastic products do not contain detectable levels of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Files can be downloaded as a complete set by clicking the link at the bottom of the following table: Please note: The data sets are to be used in conjunction with the report on the Tensile Testing Software Intercomparison, where agreed values and issues related to the analysis of the data are given.

Bellingham Stanley also offer on-site Instrument Verification Contracts to customers within the United Kingdom.

Below is a list of claims UL Environment validates, as well as the procedures by which claims are evaluated: Environmental Claims Validations and Procedures: Recycled Content Validates the post-consumer, pre-consumer (post-industrial) or total recycled content of a product by means of auditing.

View Procedure By-Product Synergy Validates supply chain localization, material optimization, waste minimization, and virgin material substitution achievements through active dialogue and working across facilities from diverse industries.When using these kind of components, the form fields are split into multiple regions which there is only active, visible one at any time.


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