Vagina intimidating

I have been following Reddit for a long time and someone asked ‘What are the craziest things people who work or have worked on the Las Vegas trip have ever witnessed?

’ The answers were really surprising and jaw-dropping.

The number of married men holidaying alone in Thailand is among the largest contributors to x tourism.

It’s a true paradise for married men that will change his life forever, it is the destination for a dream vacation.

Most notable thing I can recall: someone did “Big Buttz” by Sir Mix-A-Lot during karaoke, and some chick in a miniskirt invaded the stage and started twerking or whatever you call it. The guys were all howling like starving wolves on the other side of a cage from a side of beef. A grown up cry baby Isa said: ” I don’t work there but my mom saw a guy crying like a baby in a diaper, next to a prostitute, outside of a Hooters.” via 8.

No panties, and the most elastic, low-hanging vulva I have ever seen. Naked Guy pissing in middle of the road Another confession: “A few years ago I’m the DD driving home from a local bar.

What makes Thailand unique for married men is that all their desires are easily available.

via Thailand surrounded by beautiful beaches, cheap dining and endless x, attracts hundreds of thousands of people and married men from all over the globe every year.


I see something down the road so I start to slow down as it’s dark. Black dude, maybe 40-50, with no shirt on and he’s facing my vehicle as I approach. He is urinating in the center lane of a 45 mph road.

I admit I was a bit late to take my seat for the wedding as I waited for the end of that impromptu show.” via 14.

A man dies in casino Katy says; “We saw a man actually die on the casino floor at Excalibur. Security came and called paramedics, who tried to revive him but could not.

And the crowd went crazy Another crazy story from a guy who lived in Las Vegas strip for a good long time.

“I lived there for seven years, but I never worked on the Strip or anything.

The casino craziness Another user said; ” I don’t work in Las Vegas strip, but I go to a convention there every year.


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