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This was partly inspired by early 1990s recordings on record labels such as Shut Up And Dance, Chill, D-Zone and Kickin', but also Aphex Twin's usage of breaks in tracks such as "Polynomial C" and "Dodeccaheedron" as well as Renegade Soundwave's "Black Eye Boy" and Mantronix's "King of the Beats", which had been a favourite of Tom's from the days of DJ'ing at parties in Chelmsford.

The first recordings using Tom's new set up were released on the Spymania label. "Conumber" exhibits the influence of mid-1990s jungle, which at that point had eclipsed his interest in other forms of dance music.


Sharing the bill with Jenkinson were Wishmountain aka Matthew Herbert and Cylob.

The sleeve notes of Feed Me Weird Things written by Aphex Twin recall to humorous effect some of the real or imagined occurrences of that evening which marked the beginning of a friendship between him and Tom.

The second release on Spymania was under the pseudonym of "Alroy Road Tracks" and was entitled "Featuring The Duke of Harringay".

At this time, Tom was becoming obsessed with bringing a "dark psychedelia" to Drum and Bass (which would eventually reach its zenith with Go Plastic from 2001). James and Tom Jenkinson sprung up after meeting at The George Robey.

During this period Tom also made a remix for Ninja Tune's DJ Food, which featured on the e.p. The remix led Ninja Tune to offer Jenkinson a record contract, which along with an offer from Belgium's R&S records he declined in favour of a contract offered by Warp Records, which was partially instigated by Richard D. The resulting meeting led to Tom's first hearing of the Hangable Auto Bulb e.p. But the meeting also facilitated Richard's initial selection of Tom's tracks that went on to form the Feed Me Weird Things album released on Rephlex Records in 1996.Squarepusher is the principal pseudonym adopted by Tom Jenkinson (born 17 January 1975), a UK-based recording artist.



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