Updating iweb

The benefit of this is that all of Squarespace’s tools will be high quality and fully integrated into their website builder.If you want to build a website, it’s nice to know that all the tools that you use have been thoroughly tested to ensure that it works perfectly every single time.


Further, their support team is there 24/7 to help you.In our observation, there are probably way more terrible plugins than great ones.Since the Word Press community is so large, it’s practically impossible to police the quality of all the tools being created.With free tools, the developer won’t have as much incentive to improve the tools and if the tool breaks, they’re not to fix them for you.


As for Squarespace, which is not an open source website builder, means that their platform is gated off so only their own in-house development team can produce tools for users.After all, you probably won’t want to spend an enormous amount of time to build a website using Word Press and end up starting all over again with Squarespace (or vice versa).



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