Updating dataset with gridview

One of the cool things about the Power Shell grid is that the columns are resizable. Then simply click on the separator bar between the Name heading and Display Name heading and drag that bar to the right to resize the column (yes, just like you would in Excel): Ah, now we see: it’s the Audio Endpoint Builder service. Resizable columns; these might not get as much publicity as new Power Shell features like remoting and runspaces, but they just might be every bit as useful. By default, the Get-Service cmdlet sorts service information on the Name property.

That’s fine, but suppose that what we deal; after all, we could just re-run our Get-Service command, taking care to sort the data by Display Name before handing it off to Out-Grid View.

Hey, no problem; simply click the expand/contract arrow located to the left of each group heading, Click the arrow next to the label Stopped and you should see something similar to this: Should you someday tire of viewing information by group, well, all you have to do is right-click and select (Toggle) Show in Groups a second time.

As the word suggests, this will now turn grouping off.

The information in this article was written against the Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Windows Power Shell 2.0.

This information is subject to change in future releases of Windows Power Shell 2.0.

In this case, we replaced the default Label with a Radio Button List that had its Data Source set to a table that listed the user's choices.


Click once on a column header and the entire grid will be sorted by that column, in ascending order; click a second time and the grid will be sorted in to sort by a single column. If you want to sort by two or more items then you’ll need to sort the data and Grouping Data Another cool thing you can do with the Power Shell grid is group the displayed information by any of the column headings; all you have to is right-click one of the headings and choose (Toggle) Show in Groups. As an example, I recently had a question from a developer who was creating a survey.



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