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I spent both Season 1 and Season 2 of the wonderfully touching (Under One Roof) hoping he’d get the girl (the once young and darling Noriko Sakai), which he ended up doing at the very end. My favorite Masa dorama remains could turn a girl into a woman just like that.I will always remember him as Hata-san (and perhaps dreaming I was his Teruteru-Bozu).But really he’s way more talented than playing a variety of the cookie-cutter romantic hero, even if I loved all the ones he’s played.He’s now one of the elder statesman of J-actors, one who can do any role in any project.Strong Woman’s final episode got 9.668% and Woman of Dignity’s most recent episode 16 brought in 9.986% ratings.And it’s not even the last episode for Woman which has four more episodes to air so audiences are excited to see if it can break the 10% drama ratings mark.Turns out South Korea is raving and obsessed with this drama as female lead Kim Hee Sun has been the number 1 advertising star in the weekly rankings for three weeks in a row now while Kim Sun Ah is so amazing as the antagonist even her friends and family are all calling to yell at her for being so awful in the drama.



He was my biggest J-crush growing up, being a singer and actor that was just so darn appealing onscreen.

He’s a great actor with the ability to disappear into any role yet always retain this aura of awareness. He’s the type of handsome that once you get it, you’ll never stop seeing how gorgeous he is. with Kitagawa Keiko, which is just a brilliant stroke of casting him as George.



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