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She now admits that the text Noudga sent was "unnecessary and petty" but the tension between Noudga and Babcock had long been simmering."They would get along sometimes, most of the times they didn't....Babcock, who he said was using medication for depression, anxiety and to help her sleep, was in tears.The next morning he testified that she had scratched her wrists and forearms until it drew blood, and that she was talking about suicide."We thought it would be funny if we sent her a catty text message for her birthday," Karoline Shirinian, 25, testified Friday in a packed courtroom at the trial into Babcock's alleged murder.Shirinian said she'd been having drinks with another friend, Christina Noudga, who was not very fond of Babcock.


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He helped her move some of her belongings, clothing and her tiny Maltese dog named Lacey, from an apartment in Yorkville where she was staying, to his place. Wilson said Babcock told him she intended to look for work and to find her own apartment.


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