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You have bad credit, and things are getting serious with your significant other. – Instead of having those awkward money talks on what to cut and remove from budget...

shouldn’t you be discussing on your next investment or vacation Your credit card is declined … – One of those moments you want the earth to split open and swallow you whole, Picture a situation where you quit credit cards forever and use debit cards that never run dry as you have money in the bank..

Really, of all the conditions one can control in their life..

Is there anything worse than being consistently broke from month to month?

Hanging Out With Wealthier Friends – There is a saying, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.The Plan I won’t bother you with a 10 page questionnaire.Based on our research in the past, we found out traders trade for only two reasons: to grow their capital or for profit.Having adequate money gives you’re a wide spending elastic limit.

Asking for a Raise – Are you still on a 9 to 5 Job?

Now think of an ancient tribe in front of a fresh water lake, so are a couple with adequate money to get by.


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