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Many people are unfamiliar with the charge fee system, so here’s the lowdown: Like many bars throughout Japan, Tokyo gay bars sometimes require that the customer pay an initial fee just for sitting down; that’s before drinks or food!As the system varies depending on each individual bar and situation, check it out before entering, either by talking to a staff member or looking carefully at the signs outside.Japan is open to LGBT people compared to many other countries, but alternative sexuality is still a minority issue that many still struggle with here.Since being gay is anything but a straightforward issue in Japan, bars like Bridge offer a safe haven for customers to unwind and even talk about their own social and workplace struggles if they wish.Anyone at all familiar with Ni-chome’s thriving gay club and bar scene has probably heard of certain standby hangouts like Dragon Men, Arty Farty, Aii RO Café and GB.

During Happy Hour, the price of all drinks drop from ¥800 to ¥500, yet another a great incentive to give this bar a try.As long as both heart and mind remain open, everybody who walks in the door can find something to relate to here.At Cocolo Cafe, the menu is just as varied as the clientele.We did some digging and discovered 4 other intriguing haunts that are totally worth your time.

If you’re hoping to share common perspectives, be more open, and have a blast, these bars are for you!Address: Shinju-ku Ni-chome 13-16 Sensho Building 6F Cover charge:¥800 (Saturday No charge) Cost of drinks: Glass ¥800; Bottle ¥15,000-16,000 Best day to visit: Friday-Saturday Scene: Gay Bridge is an atmospheric gay bar in Ni-chome.


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