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[section 33(1)(c)] Ø Form Nos.29 and 32 may be filed within 30 days after incorporation.

However, it is advisable to file them at the time of incorporation.

It can even be held on the date of the first annual general meeting.

The only condition is that the meeting shall be held before the beginning of the annual general meeting on that date.

A general notice of the interests under section 299 will also be given in Form No.24 AA prescribed under the Companies (Central Government’s) General Rules & Forms, 1956.

Appointment of first directors at a general meeting A public company and a private company which is a subsidiary of a public company must hold an extra ordinary general meeting before the first annual general meeting and appoint the first directors by passing ordinary resolutions.

Appointment of First Directors of the Company “First directors” mean those directors who hold office from the date of incorporation of the company.

The first directors are usually named in the articles of association or are appointed by the directors.




Also, the first directors need not be appointed at the general meeting held before the date of first annual general meeting of the company in case of a private company which is not a subsidiary of a public company.

Ø The particulars required to be entered in the Register of Directors under section 303 will be entered with respect to each director immediately after the incorporation of the company.


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