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C., hotel last year, according to a civil suit filed Thursday.

According to the suit, the woman claims to have met Alfredo Simon, currently a pitcher with the Cincinnati Reds, at a D. nightclub last April when the Reds were in town playing the Washington Nationals.

After the second day of beatings, she told her from now on she was going to call her Cinderella," said Muncie Police Sgt. Bennett allegedly whipped her stepdaughter with a belt, twice.

At school afterwards, "she was having problems sitting down." Classmates told school staff, who called police, who took the girl to the hospital.

The sheriff's office would not say where Boston was digging up the body.

Boston remains in the Bexar County Jail with a bond of ,000.

Police believe the teenager stabbed the 76-year-old in an argument over the television's DVR.

When Price arrived at Therrell High School, a teacher and a police officer who spotted him in a corridor initially thought he had stabbed another student.



Upgraded charges against Preston are pending at this time as police continue to investigate.

He was described as being covered in blood, and allegedly said: 'I killed it,' and liked it, school officials said in their testimony.


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