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On both, the guiding principle dovetails with how you should act on a date: Less—of you, of your life—is more.A straight single man without Facebook is an increasingly rare idyll: It suggests that he still believes in the irreproducible alchemy of in-person meet-cutes and has the confidence to make them happen, that he gives enough of a shit to maintain friendships off-line, that he maybe even remembers the seductive value of actual phone calls.A dude who is willing and able to talk to a woman is a dude with an easy but significant sexual advantage.My first date with the No-Facebook Guy was so good and so intense that when I got home, shot through with romantic energy, I threw a plate against the wall, shattering it and scaring myself. But being denied total, instant access has become pretty unusual.

Conducted like counseling sessions with weekly meetings, the program helps assess your readiness, boost your confidence, weed out limiting beliefs, become aware of blocking behavior, and develop a strategy to find your partner.But inveterate sleuth Kate Carraway has a scary secret: Just the sight of your face on Facebook might be why you're going home alone The last time I felt the electric spine-shiver that lets me know I like a guy, I did what I always do: looked him up on Facebook.


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