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Cause I am tired of going south every time I want to catch some fish.. Keep in mind that if you do go to the Hedieona, there are a lot of hazards to contend with.. You know that big old bridge support in the middle of the river up there? I think it is best that maybe we separate the women from the men so that this kind of stuff doesn't happen.. I'd much rather stay at home and cook and watch the kids and wash women's underwear than deal with all the bullshit that goes along with having a job.. Last Thursday I fished with a buddy in the Salado and the Hedieona, and we caught them pretty good. I have been in the deer blind all week thinking that this frozen tundra shit would get the deer stirred up.. Yes, cause I was having too much fun in Salsa Land.. I did fish last Sunday morning on the Texas side between Bob's Knob and Pierce's.. Anyway I was telling you that we were fishing last Thursday and we caught a bunch of fish.. I weighed em all and there was a lot of six and seven pound fish in the mix.. Several eight pound fish were caught, and one ten I hear form the Laredo group. I will be doing fish care at the weigh in, but I can't save em if you bring em in on life support.. There are quite a few keeper fish in the mix, but I have not caught any giants flipping the woods lately..

I fished four days out of six and the weather could not have been better.. Now that is what winter in Zapata is supposed to be.. Familiarity is everything, so if you know the turf then you can still get up there and catch some fish. But it looks like a dryer and hotter period coming our way this week. The flipping bite remains pretty decent, with the usual summer pattern of hardwoods and shade.. December 9, 2017: I ain't saying I ain't seen it before.. But I guess we need the water to cool down a bit before it warms up a bit to get these ladies in the lovin' mood.. Two of my trips last week were to the south west end of the lake like I said.. And we went up the river to take our weekly ass beating.. I didn't get him stuck good and he jumped and threw the hook.. As was proven by a lot of fishermen that wore em out over the weekend. I am sure there are still plenty of fish in the off colored water, but from what I have seen, there are not a lot of boats fishing in it.. The lake has come up a bit the last week, and the ramp at the state park is working fine, although it is still down to the middle lane. The county ramp is a bit flat, and the west side of is has some silt on top of it, but it is still working fine.. Sunday I fished with a buddy and we caught some flipping fish, but kind of struck out on deep rocks. What is a bit concerning is that water temps went from 73° on Monday, to 63° yesterday.. But these Falcon fish can get a little uppity when the water gets cold.. But I am sure I will have to go check on them when the ice breakers can make it that far south.. Well the bait hardly got wet and about a two pounder had my worm and hauled ass with it. They were too damn little to know exactly what they were. In any case the fishing down here has been pretty damn good this last week. The water is slowly clearing on the top end of the lake, but you need to get past marker ten before you see some green. I heard there were five rigs at the state park yesterday.. I haven't been on the water in a week, and it ain't looking too good for this week either.


The big fish I have been hearing about, are all full of eggs and bellied up. But I am sure I will be back again, in there next week or so, hoping.. In architecture, going even as far back as medieval times, gargoyles were put on buildings and walls to warn, or scare off anyone that didn't belong to, or know the area or compound they were approaching..



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    Online Dating Sites Save You Money Not only will online dating save you money but it’s actually dirt cheap compared to every other form of dating.

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    He released albums such as Non-Stop, as well as, Electric Blue in his solo career.

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    4 Trippers and askers surround me, People I meet, the effect upon me of my early life or the ward and city I live in, or the nation, The latest dates, discoveries, inventions, societies, authors old and new, My dinner, dress, associates, looks, compliments, dues, The real or fancied indifference of some man or woman I love, The sickness of one of my folks or of myself, or ill-doing or loss or lack of money, or depressions or exaltations, Battles, the horrors of fratricidal war, the fever of doubtful news, the fitful events; These come to me days and nights and go from me again, But they are not the Me myself.

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    According to our research of Florida and other state lists there were 3 registered sex offenders living in Aripeka, Florida as of December 30, 2017.

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    Or maybe it’s something else I can’t even fathom right now? What’s even more ironic is that the topic of my next post is indeed “a shiny thing.” Please watch for “Good Vibrations” next week . Just needing an escape and a moment unfocused on problems and worry, I eventually cut to the chase and got to my point.

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    Read more Hi, Looking for someone whom I can call my soul mate and spend the rest of my life with... I like to set my goals and work hard to achieve them. Read more (Profile managed by my dad more than me) It's hard to talk about oneself (Will give it a shot)! I get along well with people and make friends easily. Read more Having been raised in both India and the U.

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    Communities exerted pressure on people to form pair-bonds in places such as Europe; in China, society "demanded people get married before having a sexual relationship" and many societies found that some formally recognized bond between a man and a woman was the best way of rearing and educating children as well as helping to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings regarding competition for mates.

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