Teachers intimidating students excel 2016 chart not updating

She will let you know if it is a normal meeting to discuss the student’s progress or if you have to be aware of any issues or problems that may be discussed.If it is a regular, annual IEP meeting, you’ll be with the student’s parent(s), the special education teacher, your principal (or another administrator), and you could also see the student, the school guidance counselor, psychologist, other regular education teachers, nurse, and possibly representatives from outside agencies as well.” The special education teacher in the meeting explained that the emotional support teacher actually been doing his job, and that the psychologist had misunderstood, but once she realized her mistake, she never apologized for her outburst! That must have been a truly uncomfortable meeting to sit through!I don’t really feel comfortable working with this person anymore after seeing her go after a teacher in this fashion. It stinks when our colleagues forget that they are interacting with other professionals (and human beings!Again, it doesn’t excuse her behavior, but it is important for teachers to realize that often a school district is involved in many difficult legal battles because of simple mistakes made by teachers acting with the best of intentions.If you truly feel that something must be said, I would recommend that you go to an administrator whom you trust and let them know what happened.While discussing an emotionally disturbed student who had recently been suspended for fighting, our school psychologist read information that she thought showed that the emotional support teacher hadn’t followed the student’s behavior plan properly.When the parent left the meeting, she turned to the teacher and shouted at him, “WE ARE IN DEEP SH*T NOW BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T DO YOUR JOB!


ESL teachers can help prepare their students for the real world of job applications, a difficult enough in one’s first language and even more intimidating in a second language, before they leave the classroom.Finally, one of the best things you can do is prepare yourself for the next time you have to participate in a meeting with your school psychologist.Make sure you are comfortable with the information you are bringing to the meeting so you don’t worry that her negative attention comes your way.Express that you felt uncomfortable by the lack of professionalism demonstrated in the meeting.

If it was the first outburst this colleague has ever had, not much might come of your concern, but if this person has a history inappropriate remarks, it might be enough to have an administrator speak with her about how she communicates during meetings.

We imagined ourselves with our students, forming relationships with each young person we encountered, that they would remember for the rest of their lives.



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