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(Photo Credit: You Tube) In the aftermath of the first film, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is rushed to the hospital, which draws the attention of Michael Myers, who eludes Sheriff Brackett (Charles Cyphers) and Dr. Now, claiming to be a cousin from England, he is reunited with the Collins family and finds that they need his protection from the witch Angelique (Eva Green), who is responsible for turning him into a vampire in the firs place.

Based on the ‘60s daytime soap opera, but with a decidedly campy approach. (Photo Credit: You Tube) Blue Ice Pictures describes the film as follows: “In 1986, three teens were brutally murdered after knocking on the door of 59 Oakwood Lane. Over the next forty years, rumors turned to legend, and while few will admit to believing the stories, kids are still warned never knock on the door of 59 Oakwood Lane for fear of what may answer." On this Halloween night, Grace and her friends decide to ignore the warnings and give that door a knock. (Photo Credit: You Tube) One of the earliest entries in the slasher/slice-and-dice horror film genre, and by all estimates still considered something of a classic.

Things go awry when Jason won’t stop killing, taking away Freddy’s fun, and the two end up in battle with each other. (Photo Credit: You Tube) An Alfred Hitchcock classic, this is considered to be the first true slasher film, that reputation earned by the famous shower sequence in which Janet Leigh's Marion Crane is mercilessly slaughtered with a kitchen knife while showering in the motel she checked into.

But that's only part of what this one has to offer, as it explores Anthony Perkins' Norman Bates and his "relationship" with his mother. Spawned three sequels and the prequel television series Bates Motel. (Photo Credit: You Tube) In this sequel, Uncle Fester, now a full-blown member of the family, falls in love but it turns out she’s just after family money (aww, poor Uncle Fester).


Just make sure you check it out — it's (Photo Credit: You Tube) In this sequel, Uncle Fester, now a full-blown member of the family, falls in love but it turns out she’s just after family money (aww, poor Uncle Fester). The only hope against this is Nancy (Heather Langenkamp), who goes up against Freddy one last time. (Photo Credit: You Tube) Attempting to rob what is described as an eccentric family (which is one word that could be used to describe the Addams’), con artists get one of their own to pretend that they’re a long-lost uncle (as in Fester).The rest of the Addams’ come to his rescue, having to prove what the love of his life (played by Joan Cusack) is really like. (Photo Credit: You Tube) Following the unleashing of a deadly plague created in a laboratory, most of the world’s population is destroyed. The cast includes Anjelica Huston as Morticia, Raul Julia as Gomez, Christopher Lloyd (Great Scott!Those who do survive and drawn into two different directions and groups, which will lead to the ultimate battle between good and evil. (Photo Credit: You Tube) It’s been six years since Michael Myers’ last appearance, but now he’s back and this time he’s stalking his niece, Jamie Lloyd, whose newborn child is, for some reason, the objective of both Myers and a strange cult. (Photo Credit: You Tube) After three teenagers accidentally free a trio of witches (played by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker), they have to figure out how to obtain the book of magic spells in the witches’ possession to prevent them from becoming immortal and threatening the world. A young woman named Heather (played by Alexandra Daddario) is contacted by a relative she’s never heard from before to let her know that she has inherited some property in Texas. (Photo Credit: You Tube) Twas the night before Halloween, and trapped in a stranger’s house, is a mother and daughter, who will get blood on their blouse (apologies, we’re not poets! It’s Doc Brown) as Uncle Fester, and Christina Ricci as Wednesday. (Photo Credit: You Tube) Most of humanity has been infected by a pandemic and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything that can be done.Sorry to say it, but it's tough to feel sorry for them at this point. Things begin in 1963 when six-year-old Michael Myers murders his older sister and is locked up in an institution for 15 years.


Flash forward to 1978 and he manages to escape, returning to his Illinois town, and beginning to claim new victims.It’s 10 years since the original, and Michael Myers is back in Haddonfield, his goal to kill his young niece. Not really as serious as it sounds, but still enjoyable. ), but the family refuses to leave as they believe there is a treasure hidden on the premises. Meyers (aka “The Shape”) is once again in Haddonfield, this time to try and kill his niece who has become mute. This is perfect to him, Freddy believing he and his daughter will work together to torment others, but she wants nothing more than to destroy her father — and could very well do it. (Photo Credit: You Tube) This is a new one, so we don’t have much intel on it beyond the fact that it deals with a college student who is tricked into playing a game of truth or dare (which, you know, is where the title of the film comes from).



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