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Fanfiction: Moderate-to-high chance your character is a Mary Sue. MMO/RPG/Original Fiction: Low-to-moderate chance your character is a Mary Sue.Fanfiction & MMO/RPG/Original Fiction: High-to-very high chance your character is a Mary Sue. Fanfiction & MMO/RPG/Original Fiction: Extremely high chance your character is a Mary Sue. Fanfiction & MMO/RPG/Original Fiction: Your character is almost certainly a Mary Sue, and a bad one at that.


If your character had an exotic name because you make up most of your characters' names, you would not answer yes to having an unusual-sounding name that you made up. ;) If your character is a role-playing character and the only reason you can answer 'yes' is because of other players acting of their own free wills (IE, everyone has their characters throwing themselves at your character's feet and you've done nothing to force this) do not answer yes to the corresponding question.Part 5 - De-Suifiers Questions that subtract from the final score.



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