Svn error validating location


This setting may be overridden on a per-user basis by # altering the JAVA_HOME setting in ~/.eclipse/eclipserc. Can I put that url a browser address bar or File Explorer? Hi, regarding your question, A1) You can check if the server is listening the port or not by netstat -n If you run it as a daemon (with -d option), you can see it by ps aux | grep svn A2) If you want to access to svn server, you need svn client (CUI or GUI). I keep getting this error when I try to view the repo: sudo svn co svn://localhost/var/local/svn/projectx svn: /var/local/svn/projectx/conf/svnserve.conf:9: Option expected or from within Ecplise: url: svn://localhost/var/local/svn/projectx Error validating location: "org.tigris.subversion.javahl.

Liferay uses SVN to manage its code and there is a public repository available for the community to access.

Step1: Installing the plug-in (subclipse) Launch eclipse and go to : help-search for new features Then press "new remote site" and add " Then follow the instraction to install the plugin. page=overview&project=subversive) which acts as Subversion and now I have no problems. Regarding the subversion problem in svnserve.conf: kindly mention how you start the svnserve daemon... It is better to create the new repository (svnadmin create) with --fs-type=fsfs. Subclipse with javahl has problems..I try to use file protocol to configure a remote host in subclipse, that url gets appended after the eclipse installation folder, e.g, if I specify file:///subversion_repositories/repository1, subclipse using javahl tries to go to /home/leo/eclipse/file/subversion_repositories/repository1, which is not a valid path, assume eclipse was installed at /home/leo/eclipse.

Step2: Install library needed for subversion from eclipse sudo apt-get install libsvn-javahl Step3: Grance at subversion perspective Follow this then you can see the svn perspective :-D window- create remote folder [Server - Subversion] There are 2 simple ways to use subversion. Developers says that it's possible to use both together. IMHO, it is better to use javasvn than the javahl: it can be configured in Windows|Preferences (and then choose settings for subclipse). svnserve -d should preferably be run with a -r as well, to specify the repository-root clearly; and to have consistent behaviour irrespective of which directory you were in when you ran this command. Where possible, even if access to a repository has been granted using svn:// and file:///, then file:/// should be preferred over svn://, which should be preferred over purely from a performance point of view.1.

[Client - Eclipse with plugin] Assume that you have already installed eclipse & j2sdk1.5-sun.

If you face problem starting up the eclipse you can find the answer in this forum. Just for the instant check cd /etc/eclipse cat java_home If you don't see /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun/ commented out in the first line, modify it. ubuntu% cat java_home # This file determines the search order the Eclipse Platform uses to find a # compatible JAVA_HOME.# All the modified or additional information will be updated on this post in order for everyone to get alwasys up-to date information. Here is the how-to for setting up the subversion client with eclipse and the server. Interrupted commit operations do not cause repository inconsistency or corruption.


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