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There's also a tendency to have fanatical management.

Other "kindly" corporations like Whole Foods have this too--the managers drink the Kool-Aid and worship the company. The customers are spoiled rotten so they also get kind of unreasonable about their Starbucks.

” The Starbucks resolution is the first shareholder resolution filed by Zevin that focuses on parental leave policies, but that’s in part a result of the company’s deadlines for filing resolutions, Tomaino said.

There may be more to come: Zevin has sent letters to 10 other US corporations—including Apple, AT&T, and Marriott—asking them to make changes.

A morning shift person will have the absolutely insanity of a morning rush, but an evening person should be expected to handle evening rushes with a limited staff as WELL as get the place spotless in what I believe is not a reasonable time.

If you're a people person, you develop relationships with the regulars and it's fun to make their day. The staffs can be really tight..they can be really vicious. You'll also occasionally get those amazing customers and you live for seeing them.

“Part of our strategy is looking at what levers we can pull that have the widest impact,” she said.

“How can we win more family leave for more people more quickly?

Targeting corporations is the latest strategy for advocates of expanding paid-leave policies to cover all workers.


Pressuring companies directly can produce immediate results, says Katie Bethell, founder of PL US: Paid Leave for the United States, an advocacy group.I once spoke with my manager because my schedule was being changed with less than 24 hours notice, and that was against state law. They will stand there and demand that you make a drink five times because there's still foam on that latte and they said NO foam, not LIGHT foam.


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