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“Once we got into a relationship, I knew I had to step my game up and do a kick-ass proposal.” David wore a suit to school and asked his girlfriend to prom with flowers at an all-school assembly.“It completely embarrassed her — that was the point — and everyone else loved it.” He didn’t feel pressured to do a promposal, because it was something he genuinely wanted to do.Then they’re put in a position that is uncomfortable for them.” Jane identifies as a lesbian but was still urged to go to prom with a boy last year, an idea that made her uncomfortable. Even if we broke up in the future and hate each other, the happiness in someone’s face like that can’t be erased from your head.” 9. Alex likes the idea of going to prom with friends instead of a date, adding that a lot of his friends get upset that they haven’t been asked to prom.This year she is bringing her girlfriend to prom; she spent on concert tickets to her girlfriend’s favorite band as part of her promposal. He is going to prom with his best friend, who is a girl.“We won’t be attached at the hip for the whole night.All my friends and I will definitely spend the night as a group.” 10. Alvaro admits that boys often feel pressured to ask a girl to prom, because “if he doesn’t, he might look silly in front of his friends.” He wouldn’t care if a girl asked him to prom and believes that girls often expect to be asked rather than ask a boy themselves.


Sofia asked a boy to prom, “only because he doesn’t go to my school …” sign and share it with your Facebook friends for instant gratification.


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    Whether you’re celebrating your first year together or your fifteenth, deciding what to get your guy can be a tough decision.

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    Then it was 3, then 2 and now they think they're doing a favor by covering one story." John retired in 1995 and was active writing and running the Boys school.

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    When I was younger, my mom always told me I should date (and eventually marry) "within the race."When I invited my first serious boyfriend — who was white — to the house to meet my parents, my mother actually asked him if his older brother was "as pink" as he was, referring to his skin color. A few years later, when I was in college, she told me she had given up on the idea of me marrying a black doctor and was beginning to look forward to the day when she could meet her "zebra-baby" grandkids.

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