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Producing wine from grapes, blueberries, apples, cranberries and other fruits, the Grand View Winery offers tastings to its exclusive visitors as well as the opportunity to learn about the wine-making process.All these tourist attractions imply that professionals and entrepreneurs associated with Resorts, hotels, restaurants, and shops are some of the most successful in the state and are likely to make for eligible dates.Besides being the leading maple syrup producing state, Vermont also has an important dairy industry; the state's dairy industry is a leader in the Northeastern United States.An important and growing part of Vermont's economy is the manufacture and sale of artisan foods, fancy foods, and novelty items trading in part upon the Vermont "brand" which the state manages and defends.An additional ten thousand work for employers who provide insurance under federal law under ERISA.A burgeoning healthcare industry implies a healthy corpus of doctors, nurses, paramedical personnel, researchers and executives – the best of who are likely to be taking home six figure paychecks.Summer visitors tour resort towns like Stowe, Manchester, Quechee, Wilmington and Woodstock.



Stowe Mountain Resort, with 13 lifts and hundreds of kilometers of groomed and backcountry trails is perfect to get going for adventure sports lovers.Meet the Hi-tech Manufacturers By far, the production of electrical equipment like semiconductors, electrical components is Vermont's most important manufacturing activity.


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