Simi weather widget not updating

Long press the home screen and select Widgets/Mininalistic Text/Minimalistic Text (hor) 3 x 1 Untick background Press shadow settings ..Show shadow the press on Show colour.. Again drag and delete whats in the boxes and press the back buttoin..We need a light blue colour to match the left side of the wallpaper face and the side icons .. Press the back button (bottom right button) and scroll down to Predefined layout and press it.. Press the green plus button Now we need to select and drag DAY .press the plus button and select and drag Month Text .. Press the back button and select Accented and set to 25 OK Now tick the Bold and Italic boxes ..Apart from those things just follow what you did for the left hand side of the clock ... For the date its also the same .side blue shadow, black text ...right side red shadow, white text....I'll guide you through the left hand side of the date...Now on the homescreen press and hold /edit ..with arrows down to the bottom left ..Now we just have to set the year you should know what your doing .not then read through my guide again.. IMPORTANT NOTE - With the white text .you set it it maybe on the left hand side of the home screen and is sometimes hard to and move it to the black before editing it...

Market,music,camera,xda (download from the market), email, gallery.. CAMERA GALLERY MUSIC EMAIL MARKET XDA Now we are going to change these icons into the side icons you put on your sd card earlier ..

Now you can see in the dock that the Internet icon has gone and you can see the dock can press on it for internet ..

Repeat the above for messaging, apps, contacts and phone icon.. We need to get rid of the three hold and drag them into the trash bin..they are all gone..

Go back a page (bottom right button) Press Screen Preferences and change the Desktop rows to 10 and the Desktop columns to 7 ( I use 7 as it gives you a central point on your homescreen if you want to use simi clock..on that later) Scroll down and tick Overlap widgets, once ticked selected back.. You should now have the wallpaper on the homescreen .rid of all the icons on your screen for the moment and drag them to the bin at the top..


Press Drawer settings/App Draw Settings, from here you can choose the way the apps move and look in your app draw ..out different ones .. You should be left with something that looks like this ..(Please note my phone is themed so your internet icon will be blue )... Now long press the screen and select shortcuts/applications/messaging.Long press on the internet icon edit and then press on the icon in the pop up screen (no need to delete the text) ...


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