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We had our own house which I fully furnished through the long hours I worked.It was during this time, on a night out with friends and having had to much to drink that we all got involved in a fight and the police arrested everyone concerned and we were all charged with assault which resulted in a sentence of 6 months suspended for 2 years.



This can be important to show any possible extreme hardship that would result from your absence.

The judge was sympathetic to the reason for my offence but had no option but to charge me with criminal damage but because I was not the one to break the door initially he imposed a fine.

Knowing that my marriage was over and that because of this I had offended again I vowed that I would never do so again and set about building my life on my own.

I am not making excuses for what I did, being 24 years old, but in the heat of the moment and being distraught in the knowledge that my children were in the house of my wife's boyfriend I lost my temper and after he had thrown a vacuum cleaner at me, breaking the door, I kicked out at the door and it broke further.


The police were called and I surrendered to them and appeared in court.

I was apprehended in a stolen car and was also charged with going equipped for burglary as there were tools in the back of the car which also belonged to the owner of the car.


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