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In one study, Tanios et al25 showed sex differences in the prevalence of anxiety disorders, being more common among females.Another study in the Palestinian Authority showed that female adolescents exhibited higher levels of psychological symptoms than age-matched males living under the same sociopolitical conditions.26 According to the national health reports,27 depression is an alarming public health issue in the postwar Lebanon, yet epidemiological age-based studies on the prevalence of depression among men and women and its potential risk factors are scarce.As a result, children are at increased risk of physical and sexual violence, bullying, discrimination and psychological distress.Families are increasingly reliant on adolescents to become the main source of income to make ends meet.In all, 70.9% of females suffered from depressive symptoms, which was a significantly higher proportion compared with 58.5% of males (PCorrespondence: Colette S Kabrita, Department of Sciences, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, Notre Dame University – Louaize, PO Box 72, Zouk Mikael, Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, Tel 961 9 20 8728, Fax 961 9 21 8771, Email [email protected] The full terms of this license are available at https:// incorporate the Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial (unported, v3.0) License ( Non-commercial uses of the work are permitted without any further permission from Dove Medical Press Limited, provided the work is properly attributed.In all, 70.9% of females suffered from depressive symptoms, which was a significantly higher proportion compared with 58.5% of males (Sleep is a biological necessity that is fundamental to the maintenance of normal body processes, such that impairment has been shown to impact neurocognitive, academic, and psychological well-being, among others.1–3 Insufficient sleep, whether manifested as alteration in sleep quantity and/or quality, has been reported in various countries and is commonly noted among adolescents and young adults.4 In this age group, delayed bedtimes are common and, when rise time is determined by the school start time, short sleep duration on weekdays results.

This means that children are removed from or not enrolled in school and are forced into often dangerous child labour and early marriages.Kelly et al13 also investigated the relationship between sleep quality and GPA of undergraduate university students and found that short sleepers (total sleep time ≤6 hours per night) had significantly lower GPAs than long sleepers (total sleep time ≥9 hours per night).The poor academic performance associated with short sleep durations was linked to reduced concentration ability on educational material, lower self-efficacy, and possible psychological difficulties.This is also often associated with extended sleep on weekends, when there are fewer morning social and academic requirements.5,6 This extended recovery sleep on weekends is a homeostatic compensatory mechanism for the sleep debt created on weekdays, although it is likely that the weekend sleep extension is insufficient to “pay back” the lost weekday sleep.

In addition, the irregular bed and wake times resulting from such a schedule produce disrupted circadian rhythmicity, which can independently impact physiological, psychological, and academic well-being.7The fundamental role of good sleep quality and quantity in information processing, learning, and memory consolidation is well established in the literature.8–11 The impact of sleep pattern changes on academic performance has been widely investigated in young adult groups, including university students.

In one study, Singleton and Wolfson12 showed the difference in bedtime habits between weekdays and weekends of college students to be directly correlated with their grade point average (GPA).


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