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Over my shoulder I said, "You're right." Apparently, Tori had done a good job of protecting her relationship with me and the family.None of her friends really knew who I was or my status.I heard one of the fathers say to the other, "Seventy grand.I don't make that much in a year." Both men came closer to me.I believe the initial interchange went something like, "Wow, your jewelry looks so beautiful, almost like real diamonds." Tori was signing us into the event.Tori tersely replied, "Oh, they are real." There was some stuttering and stammering, and then closer looks at the elaborate necklace. If they were real they'd have cost tens of thousands of dollars." Her tone was challenging and demeaning, even catty.I served Tori some crackers and caviar and some champagne.

They were suddenly discovering they had been going to school with a movie star.Since college, I had gone to many charity events, often taking a date, and more recently one of my 'wives'.


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