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I don’t mean to downplay the challenges in the former, but it’s worth some thought.WARNING: This Website contains explicit adult material.

(I don’t know what I’m thinking here; obviously you can’t wear one of those fake noses and mustaches.

If one of you were a teacher, for example, I’d tell you not to even consider it. If you’re working with kids, that’s in the “don’t risk it” category; people really, really don’t like that combination.


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    “I love you,” she’d say whenever he left the house. I’ll take you.” No, Greg said again, but then the man stopped and got out. He moved toward the boy, slapped the weenie on the side of his buttocks, let it drop to the floor, and said, “Look! But instead he was arrested on the spot, for aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

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    But of course, before you can decide if it’s the right choice you have to answer some important questions.

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