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Jeremy Corbyn said something similar about the ‘super-rich elite’.

But to my mind there was only one truly shocking aspect in all these 13 million documents. It may be morally questionable to use offshore jiggery-pokery to reduce your tax burden, but ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it’s not illegal.

Gary Lineker used an offshore firm to buy and sell a holiday pad in Barbados, and, drum roll… In fact, the only genuine ‘revelations’ to emanate from this non-event of a scandal is that St Bono of U2 owns part of a shopping centre in Lithuania and that the stars of Mrs Brown’s Boys are paid so handsomely by the BBC that they siphoned £2 million into an offshore tax account, one technically known in the trade as ‘a Jimmy Carr’.

We were all supposed to be very cross that rich individuals and powerful corporations were failing to discharge their debts to society by paying full whack.

The way I see it, Brits are happier not since Brexit but despite Brexit as it still hasn’t happened yet.

PS: The one Brit who does seem to get happier all the time is the Duchess of Cornwall.

When Marcereau chatted with him during court breaks, he found him oddly affable — low-key, disarmingly polite, with a sense of humor — and had to remind himself he was the enemy.

One, it’s beyond my level of competence to do them myself, and two, the tax system in this country is, to use a technical term again, a joke (the tax bible Tolley’s weighs in at 21,602 pages and no single person can understand more than a tiny portion of it). For some reason the idea of camel’s milk – the latest food fad – makes me heave, but a spokesman for stockist Asda claims the drink will make a ‘big splash’. Last week, however, the journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown revealed that a Cabinet Minister in the Thatcher Government had once summoned her to his Westminster office.

Then he asked if I’ve bought an ISA this year (‘no’).


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