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The main reason I chose it was because when I saw it on the rail I thought: ‘Ooh yes, lots of room under there for warm layers.’ I get immensely cold while filming as the wind blows through the break in the side of the tent, so the crew always get me long-sleeved thermal underwear.I also have two hand-warmers in the back pockets of my jeans that they keep heating up in the microwave for me. I always wear trousers — not just for their warmth but because I don’t like being different.At 74 years of age, I was most definitely in the twilight of my career.I wasn’t in the least bit famous but I had written 70 cookery books and presented several TV shows.I could look back at what I had achieved and know that all the hard work had been worth it.In the summer of 2009, I was presented with a lifetime achievement award by the Guild of Food Writers.I’m always fussing about my hair because it’s as flat as anything. I usually wear only a bit of pink lippy, but for TV they add a few extra lashes to brighten my eyes and some colour to my face, as without it I look pale and uninteresting.

I do have to tell him to be quiet sometimes, but I like and admire him a great deal, and don’t even mind that he calls me ‘Bezza’.

I didn’t want to be responsible for choosing, in case it ended up being a disaster.

But I was delighted when I was told that they had selected Paul.

It was to be along the lines of a cake competition at a traditional village fete, and they wanted me to be the judge.


My first thought was: ‘Well, that’s right up my street.’ Because if there’s one thing I know about, it’s cakes.

You cannot imagine how astonished I was when they read my name out.


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