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A lot of people are just working with songwriters and producers and they get delivered something based upon a request from a record label and some input from the artist.So for me it’s really important to start from scratch.

You can do games in the morning and then go listen to music or whatever. The Bass lodge, which we confuse on purpose because the logo is a big fish, is all kind of alternative bass music and live bands and rappers.

The fan-favorite DJ was kind enough to chat with us ahead of this inaugural east coast festival, catching us up on his work in the studio, picking out the venue and what to expect at Florida's first Dirtybird Campout.

Looking ahead at your schedule it looks like you’ll have a break from the studio, as they have you playing all over from California, then Miami and then back to California.

For its first east coast run, 2018's Dirtybird — set for February 2-5 — will be hosted in St.

Cloud, Florida, a location picked by Claude earlier this year when he spent time driving around our Sunshine State in search of the right venue.

I started it because I wanted to write something that had a meaning and I wanted to tell a story.


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