Self consolidating concrete price

As you can see, the price of the supplies is more than the concrete itself.

That is because extra strength is needed to create the forms, thus resulting in a higher cost.

There is a little truth to this, but it’s not the deicer attacking the concrete, it’s the increased freeze and thaw cycles deicers can create.

The typical observed damage to the reported problem is spalling of a thin section of the surface or small pockmarks in the concrete surface.

The same damage can occur by improper finishing of the concrete while curing and if an excessive amount of water was used.

Turning the conflict between the homeowner and contractor into a stalemate over what’s to blame for the concrete damage.

As you have undoubtedly read throughout our site, foundation issues, whether they be inside or outside the house, can get expensive.

The issue goes to a structural engineer to determine when the homeowners and contractors cannot agree on, the cause of the damage.If this type of concrete mix was used then it should last for many years without any damage from deicers and freeze and thaw cycles.


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