See naked anybody with web camera

I feel sorry for some of the younger kids that may come across that over xbox live.

Still made us laugh though..guys ever deal with this type of stuff over live? I remember seeing a couple who were broadcasting themselves having sex while playing uno, every so often pausing to play a card.

Understandably, users were less than pleased with the idea that any corporation might be spying on them, no matter how unlikely the scenario. Many applications include permissions which are far broader than they should need — for example the recent criticism around Uber’s app and its permissions, which include obtaining your device ID, accessing your contacts and yes, using your camera. Should you be covering up every camera you carry and periodically searching the web to make sure overseas hackers or mega-corporations aren’t using your image without permission? Most hackers aren’t interested in your photos and videos unless there’s a personal grudge, while companies make app permissions as broad as possible to give them maximum legal leeway.

There’s always the chance that a free third-party app or email attachment come complete with a photo-taking, video-recording bit of malware hoping to peek into your personal life. Be smart: surf safely, hide your Internet business from prying eyes and maybe put that smartphone facedown with a book on top of it when you take a shower…just in case.

If you have ever been to an IT event or security conference you have undoubtedly seen many laptops with tape covering over their built-in cameras.

The practice is becoming so common within some groups of people that you’ll occasionally even see the taped webcams in coffee shops and the workplace too. I put a piece of tape — I have obviously a laptop, personal laptop — I put a piece of tape over the camera.

The culprit was apprehended, but this kind of personal violation goes a long way to legitimizing users who cover up camera lenses even when their phones are not in use.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are also legitimate apps for i Phones that allow you to make it seem as though your camera isn’t recording.

The answer likely depends on a variety of things; how concerned you are about a potential issue impacting you, your line of work, and what operating system software you use.Paranoia Problems Deputy Technology Editor Ben Grubb of the Sydney Morning Herald keeps his smartphone camera covered with electrical tape at all times, fearing the unwelcome attentions of a hacker or corporation looking to grab photo or video of his daily activities.


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