Sedating your cat


It only takes a single flea bite to produce an intense reaction that can last for weeks.

Your vet can prescribe an effective and safe flea preventive and help you get rid of fleas and eggs in and around the house, or you can use more natural methods (more on this in an upcoming article; but here’s a quick tip: never use a flea collar!

They are most often found on the belly, but can wander anywhere. Cheyletiella (“walking dandruff mite”) and Demodex may or may not be itchy, but if the infestation grows out of control, they can cause scratching and hair loss.

Demodex is a normal parasite of humans and animals (we have them in the hair follicles of our eyebrows–eew!


Once parasites and medical problems have been ruled out, there are still two major players to consider. Food intolerances or allergies may show up first in the skin, causing tiny red crusty sores that spread or coalesce as the cat rubs or scratches at them.The time between initial contact and the appearance of lesions varies from one to three weeks. While it doesn’t seem to bother the cats much, in people ringworm can be extremely itchy!


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