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His first real taste of success occurred in 1976 when he beat out 2,000 other child actors for the starring role in the child gangster film Bugsy Malone (1976).The following year, Scott's popularity soared after he was chosen for the role of Chachi Arcola, The Fonz's cousin, on the ABC sitcom Happy Days (1974). (1982) and even starred in three other short-lived sitcoms (Blansky's Beauties (1977), Who's Watching the Kids (1978), and the "Happy Days" spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi (1982)).He played a college student who was hired to watch over three children.After one season on CBS, the series was retooled and moved to first-run syndication where it ran successfully from 1987 to 1990.PREVIOUS, April 24, PM: Scott Baio’s comments earlier today on a WABC radio show about the death of his former , Baio said he was “not completely shocked” by Moran’s death, and suggested that drugs and alcohol may have at least played a part in her passing at the age of 56.His comments were made before coroner and sheriff’s officials announced her death was the result of complications from Stage 4 cancer.


She had gone through chemo and radiation, but by the middle of February, he says she could no longer speak, eat or drink, and she died in her sleep on Saturday.He told the South African comedian, "When you, Trevor Noah, learn what it means to be an American, then you'll have a say. "For the record: Non-citizens may not vote or run for federal office but are still granted most other rights under the Constitution, including those provided under the first and fourth amendments.Other Twitter users followers got involved in the Baio/Noah feud.UPDATED with additional Scott Baio comments: After responding to tweets critical of comments he made on a Monday radio interview about Erin Moran following her death on Saturday, Scott Baio has given a lengthier explanation on his Facebook page. I hadn’t slept well since the news of her passing.” Baio said he was “still upset up” when he conducted the radio interview yesterday.


co-star’s death, he was “sad, in disbelief, sick to my stomach and in complete shock.” Baio said he read headlines following Moran’s death that claimed the actress died of a drug overdose and he was “very upset and angry” to read that. He concluded the post by saying, “Please stop assuming the [worst] in me. I’m very heartbroken over her passing, especially since it was cancer.” Baio also posted an open letter from Moran’s husband Steve which detailed Moran’s illness.

In order to accomplish this, he must revisit his ex-girlfriends (including Erin Moran and Julie Mc Cullough) to find out what went right and what went wrong in the relationships. READ MORE Scott Baio's alleged attacker's not only facing a Sheriff's investigation -- she's also dealing with a school full of angry parents demanding the school drop the hammer on her. READ MORE Scott Baio has filed a police report claiming the wife of the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer went nuts on him at a function with their elementary school kids ...


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