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"For a long time, I suppressed [my creative] ideas to focus on what I thought was a more accessible, appealing sound," he said of initially marketing himself as an acoustic singer-songwriter instead of honing in on the electro sound he preferred.



As I go, I’m enjoying being slightly unpredictable. THR: You’re dealing with issues of self-identity in a lot of the songs. Letting go of your past to embrace your future was definitely a theme that I felt in this body of work, for sure.THR: The album explores a much wider variety of production styles than you have on previous albums.“Little Black Dress” is an overt nod to ‘60s R&B, which is sandwiched between “Satellite Call” and “Cassiopeia,” two extremely modern-sounding arrangements."And I chose the former." Dunn's new solo effort is highlighted by "Here's The Thing" which you can hear exclusively on

A breakup song, the track, Dunn says, was the first to kick off the project.

It’s something that I felt really connected to this past year.


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