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If you want a closer look, take a sightseeing boat tour that runs through the calm portions of the tide.Relax and admire the beautiful scenery of Saint John on both sides of the boat.If you prefer to travel by foot instead of water, drive to the city’s southern end and walk along the Bay of Fundy.This beautiful hike is full of coastline, beach and wildlife.Here, you can snap a clear view of the 250 species of birds soaring overhead.For more wildlife, head to the park’s harbour and get a front row seat to the always-entertaining seals.For those that have the need for speed, opt for the jet boat tour and speed through the rapids.


Only minutes away from the Saint John city centre, this 600-acre park is made up of volcanic rock and forest along with marsh, beach and trails.Take in the beauty from the towering cliffs and get a different perspective of the Reversing Falls.Before your flight from Saint John takes off, no trip is complete without taking a selfie or two of the beauty that surrounds the Reversing Falls.There are varying lengths for those from all walks of life to enjoy – from casual wanderers to avid hikers.

Choose to walk in the direction of the boardwalk that extends into the salt marsh.After introducing the "My Weather Profile" feature to ca late last year, we received and acted on your feedback.


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