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I am not looking for a perfect man, I just dream to meet a real man who is mature enough to understand me and my thoughts, who ..

Feminine Hygienic Products Shannon says: Pads are found abundantly in most grocery stores and pharmacies. There are only one or two brands, usually sold in quantities of ten.

Costa Rica does not recognize our union, but at the same time they don’t try to change us.

Hopefully the next president will be more “gay friendly.” President Chinchilla certainly is not.



If you practice common sense you should have no problems.Costa Rica is much like the US 15-20 years ago in this regard. So much so, they may tell you the answer that they think that you want to hear as opposed to the actual truth. Perception of American Women Shannon says: In general, the young ticos believe the stereotype that American women are easy and rich.


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    “You swiped right in your head just now,” she says.

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