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DC might be a great pickup place for a coastal elite but us folk in the middle are happy with common sense even if it comes shaped like a mac truck. thanks for making me smile today, not the comment but the band reference 🙂 There is a nice amount of good looking,money making men in NYC.

However, no matter how many successful, good looking guys there are in Manhattan there is an absolute ocean of attractive, young women in New York that is much larger than the male pool.

I think it's better to date here if you are male. The city attracts smart and thin women who are passionate about making a postive difference and who would also like to have fun.

Government attracts a disproportionate share of intelligent women. The men attracted to the city are not as numerous, and many of the ones who are have napolean complexes, complete with low relative heights.

Which provides the impetus for expanding government and financing it through progressive taxation. I used to be a consultant and flew out to DC on a regular basis and was always happy to get back to the Midwest dating scene; I can only hear so much ignorant politically correct fashionable movement-of-the-moment drivel coming out an intelligent sexy bimbo.

It’s so bad in DC that they piss you off even faster than you can tune them out and take them home for a one nighter.

They look like candidate’s for What Not to Wear, The Swan, and The Biggest Loser. Cloud, Des Moines, Skokie, and Manhattan (Kansas) all over them.

One gets the clear impression it’s their first time out of the house. It’s like shopping at Ross – exclusive brands and great deals but you may have to sort through the pile of rejects for a while.


So eliminating politicians from the dating pool because they only fool around with interns doesn’t do much for your ratios. What it shows is that status is influential in competition by males for mates, (2) status can be based on wealth but is also created from non-monetary factors, and (3) males in or around the federal government lack as much wealth as they deem optimal in this competition, so they are motivated to minimize the advantages of males with more wealth.Could we not confuse “I don’t like it” with “it’s closet pedophilia”?If a girl or a boy wants to lose the hair Down There, there are plenty of common motives that have nothing to do with pre-pubescence.) Here’s what Roissy in DC has to say about all this: While I would trust Cowen’s armchair expertise on most subjects concerning behavioral economics, Roissy has been in the DC trenches garnering real world data for at least a decade.Here, there are all these politicians but they are really out of commission for the most part — or if they fool around, it's with interns. The people who are really high status are off the market. Even if a woman can't be with a movie star, women can still say, ' Gee, this guy or that guy is not a movie star or a director.' There's lobbyists and lawyers here, a lot of them. Government inherently attracts stupid people, because smart people can make more money and have more impact in the private sector.

As a male in Washington, you can be high in status fairly easily without the true very high status competing. The desire to make the most money you can given your talent/intelligence doesn’t simply stop with men.They conform to the well-known observation that, the smartest thing that ever came out of a woman’s mouth was Einstein’s cock.


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    Bathinda is a home of Central University of Punjab and upcoming AIIMS.

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