Progress bar not updating


I have followed the UMG tutorial and generated a hud.

When I press the button assigned to simulate health loss the bar does not update until it is empty.

I can see the progressbar update very quickly to halfway on two of the small files.

The two larger 36MB files do not update the bar at all until the end and then the blue bars on the Progress Bar only go up to halfway when completed.

I was wondering what I need to do to have the progress bar update correctly and show a decrease correctly.

I also setup a regen and when the health bar is empty it refills at rate equal to my delay.



If you get a value that can go above or below 0..1 after being divided by 100, there's a function called CLAMP: Input the minimun and maximum value expected for a neat limiter.

The idea is that once the value of the blood variable dips below certain point numbers it a effects how the health regenerates, for example; if the blood value has decreased to less than 150 the health will only regenerate half as fast as it did when the blood was higher than 150.


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