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A large proportion of the files, totalling over 64,000, are available to the public for research.To see descriptions of these, please use our Archive catalogue.Online catalogue If you cannot find what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us with a brief summary of your research and we will be happy to advise you.In the case of genealogical enquiries, we can usually check a small amount of salary ledgers or customer account or stock indexes.The Bank of England Archive supports the Bank’s work today, and is open for research by appointment to visitors from all over the world.The records in the Archive cover everything from minutes of our governing committees such as the Court of Directors to modern files on our policymaking and domestic and international work, as well as our relationship with other central banks and governments.We recommend that you consult our online catalogue before you visit and let us know what records you would like to see.The catalogue contains descriptions of records, rather than the records themselves.


Historic: Lord Chief Justice Thomas read the ruling to the Appeal Court this morning where he and four other judges deemed whole-life sentences legal as Britain struck a blow against the European Court of Human Rights Last July, the European court provoked fury by ruling in favour of three killers – Douglas Vinter, Jeremy Bamber and Peter Moore – saying their whole-life sentences were an ‘inhuman or degrading punishment’.

Please bring your own camera as we are unable to lend you one. Cameras may only be used in designated areas, and after you have completed the appropriate copyright agreement.


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    It’s intimate, it absolutely gets rid of all inhibitions, they often come with a little button and telecom that you can order drinks through, and it gives you a chance to duet Meatloaf!

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    If a phone call stirs up all kinds of thoughts and emotions, your heart probably needs more time to heal.

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    Friends and family may not have the same tastes as you do, and it’s not always easy to make a real connection at the bar scene.

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    There are many Ukraine dating and Russian dating websites that feature profiles of Russian brides.

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    As a rock star, Weiland took his partying lifestyle to the extreme.

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    With mortgage interest rates at an all-time low, one option to help free up cash is to refinance your existing mortgage at a lower rate, reducing your monthly obligations.

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    Belgians tend to be formal and closed when meeting people for the first time, and relationships can take a long time to develop; it’s not common to discuss personal matters, or at least at the beginning of your acquaintance.

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