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But one of the problems that still affect many men is premature ejaculation (PE).Premature ejaculation is not necessarily an inhibitor to sex, but can create a great deal of frustration, embarrassment, and anxiety to perform in bed.Men of all ages have been provided the gift of increased libido and sustained erection thanks to Viagra.And more people are getting married later in life, saving their youth to explore relationships and sex.However, it is up to the men affected by premature ejaculation to try different remedies and find one that works.Most men are aware of the common sexual dysfunction called Premature Ejaculation (PE), also sometimes commonly known as Rapid Ejaculation.Secondary premature ejaculation sufferers had at one time a satisfactory control over the ejaculation process, but for medical or psychological reasons, began having premature ejaculation later in life.


However, using a topical anesthetic also may cause the woman to lose sensation inside her vagina after the penis has been inserted.

A topical anesthetic can be prescribed in oil form to help men deal with an over-sensitive penis.


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