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Our first choice was Krabi, but when we went to book the flight the day after a drunken evening at Route 66, Air Asia wouldn’t let us.Apparently you need to book flight tickets 4 hours before takeoff (6 hours for Thai Airways) online, so Krabi was out the window.Note: a few bars in Soi 80 do have ladyboys and they are hard to spot.


We ended up grabbing the first taxi we saw and offered him 2,000 baht to take us to Hua Hin.

I’ve been to Hua Hin before and I wasn’t too impressed with the beaches, nor was I again during low season.

If you want cracking beaches head to Phuket or Krabi, but in low season I don’t think they are going to be all that great either.

Think of it as a coastal resort and not a lush Thai island.

Asides from drinking, me and my buddies visited the Monkey Temple which as the name suggests is full of monkeys.

Date Plate challenges two food-savvy contestants to do just that.


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