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I then created the first university course about Facebook, which was a huge hit and became somewhat (in)famous.

Later, I focused on the power of texting -- in my classes, my research, and at a groundbreaking conference.

For me, working in both worlds makes sense: My Stanford work makes me better in industry.

And what I learn in industry improves my Stanford research. (See how to book time with me)At my Stanford lab, the Persuasive Technology Lab, we are tackling an important problem I call the “matching challenge.” I won’t go into details here except to say we are identifying habits that will be (1) beneficial for people, (2) easy to form, and (3) easy to maintain.

Teaching people the psychology of behavior change is core to my work these days.




These models and methods work together and comprise “Behavior Design.”At Stanford I never teach the same class twice.In 2017 my course was all about “first steps” in behavior.


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