Payloadvalidatinginterceptor spring 3

The "callback Handler" is used to validate user credentials (supplied as a password digest specifically requested for in the security policy) and optionally retrieve certificates and private keys.Security policy configuration files are written in XML with elements within the file which specify the security mechanism(s) to use for an application and are enclosed within tags.Within these declaration elements are elements that specify which type of security mechanism is to be applied to the SOAP message.For example, to apply XML Digital Signature, the security configuration file would include an element, along with a keystore alias that identifies the private key/certificate associated with the sender's signature.Optionally, we could also have decided to digitally sign the message and/or encrypt the entire XML message payload (security is best addressed taking a holistic perspective that encompasses the entire development process [REF-4], however, standalone message-level security will suffice for the scope of what I'm trying to address here).The Spring community has a side project, Spring Security [REF-5], that provides a flexible and easily configurable framework (akin to Spring) that we can adapt for our authentication and authorization requirements.


WS-Security is an OASIS specification [REF-7] that describes an abstract message security model to protect the message content from being disclosed (confidentiality) or modified without detection (integrity) and to enable authentication of a user name token embedded in the SOAP message.Passionate about open source, as contributor and evangelist, he is a frequent speaker at Java user groups, conferences and sponsored workshops.He holds the Sun Certified Java Programmer, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®), Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP®) and the Project Management Professional (PMP®) credentials.Since you would typically have a separate application context file for each Spring module that you would need to adapt, we would need to create separate, appropriately named, XML context files containing wirings of application objects for the Security, ORM and DAO module.


The individual file classpaths are listed within the application's bootstrapped to the org.context. At runtime, Spring assembles a "virtual" container which essentially contains and manages the lifecycle and configuration of all its application context beans.Detects @Payload Root annotations on @Endpoint bean methods.


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