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From the budget to the boutique, Palma de Mallorca has a host of fantastic accommodation.Gain a sense of traditional Majorcan chic at the Hotel Can Cera (Carrer San Francisco 8), a classy boutique escape in the Old Town.I am an artist and mum of a 15 month old babyboy and will be looking foward to get in touch meet up and exchange languages coffee walks and laughter :-)Hello! I would like to improve my Russian and Portuguese and obviously I would help you with your Spanish as well.I lived for 2 years in France, and for the last 3 years in NY.Set within a 13th-century estate, this opulent offering has obvious elegance and sweeping views of the bay.

If you are up for the exchange, don´t hesitate to send me a message! Vengo de Italia pero viví algunos años en Inglaterra, entonces puedo ayudaros a practicar italiano e inglés. I wanna learn Turkish because I fell in love with its culture and people.Nearer the port, Rialto Living Lifestyle Store (Carrer de San Feliu 3) is a treasure trove of interior design and art.Foodies will delight at discovering Mercat Olivar, a buzzing food market on Plaça Olivar.23 June A feast of bonfires and fireworks signals the eve of midsummer in Parc de la Mersignal, an illuminating event that attracts both locals and visitors.


31 December This New Year celebration in honour of the Christian conquest of Palma in 1229 involves a popular parade from the town hall to the cathedral, where mass is held.

Let meet us for a cup of coffee or whatever and have a nice time.


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